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Aksu - Kuqa from 25 dollars
Aksu - Zhengzhou from 178 dollars
Aksu - Lanzhou from 207 dollars
Aksu - Qingdao from 215 dollars
Aksu - Chengdu from 250 dollars
Aksu - Yichang from 279 dollars
Aksu - Shenzhen from 419 dollars
Aksu - Ningbo from 442 dollars
Aksu - Tacheng from 480 dollars
Aksu - Kuala Lumpur from 504 dollars
Aksu - Kashi from 517 dollars
Aksu - Bole from 517 dollars
Aksu - Chongqing from 558 dollars
Aksu - Taiyuan from 586 dollars
Aksu - Moscow from 623 dollars
Aksu - Wuhan from 671 dollars
Aksu - Guangzhou from 672 dollars
Aksu - Zurich from 1014 dollars
Aksu - Berlin from 1036 dollars
Aksu - Mexico City from 5232 dollars
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